Among us II

A Short Story by Remontz

Before reading this make sure you’ve read part I:

Location: Union Prime Space Station/Colony

Time: 0648

Date: 12th day of Solar Maximus

Year: 3168

“Hey! Kora!!” Rose called out, squeezing through the cluster of pedestrians to get to her best freind before she got onto the shuttle train. “Kora, Wait–“. She slipped and bumped into a burly older man whose beard was lined so precisely it looked geometrically impossible. He donned a tailored suit to match. “Oh…uh excuse me sir.” She apologized upon seeing his eyes; he was a non-amber. She looked down to hide her own.

“Sorry about my friend,” Kora stepped between the man and Rose, “we were just in a hurry to get to university.” To be a non-amber herself it was rare to find the levels of support and empathy she’d always had towards the amber-eyed.

“Keep you freind in line.” the large man said with a smug.

The young women boarded the train not a moment later; escaping the confrontation with agreeing nods and backpedaling.

“Thank you…” Rose said sinking into the trolley seat.

“No big deal.” Kora replied, leaning away from window to hug Rose tightly by the shoulders, “I got your back!”

They received a few stares and upturned noses. Kora’s compassion was rare on the station known for its disdain of Ambers; even rarer on Union-Prime station was Rose, a hybrid-eyed citizen. Her father had been an amber, her mother had beautiful bright green eyes; the result of their marriage was Rose — she had inherited an iris from each of them. She’d covered the amber with an eye patch when she was younger, but had eventually grown out of hiding her true self from the public.

“You should probably get a book cover for that…” Kora spoke softly, directing Rose’s attention to the controversial book the latter held on her lap.

“No it should be seen, it’s not illegal…yet…” The “yet” was painful for Rose to say.

“Yeah…but…”, Kora began, “You know how some people are.”

They both snuck a glance at the lady across the isle from them who was blatanly-refusing to look in Rose’s direction.

“Yeah…”, Rose let her thoughts on the matter remain unsaid, just marinating.

“So are we really doing this?” Kora eagerly changed the subject to the task at hand, unsuccessfully trying to hide her excitement from the rest of the train occupants. “We’re all walking out to attend the council meeting?”

“Thats the plan.” Rose assured calmly. “Some of the seniors are bringing signs…”

“Thats bold.” Kora stated, “I hope things go smoothly…”

“I hope they go as rough as need be…”

“…yeah…” Kora trailed off, staring out the window.


“Is it ready?”, the 4AE—“For All Eyes”—group leader, Darren asked his more tech-savvy, second in command and twin brother, Darrius.


“Hurry it up. We’re gonna miss the window…”

“It’s done. Uploading now.” Darrius stepped back from the intercom system admiring his handiwork as the code danced across the monitors. “We’ve got less than three minutes before it broadcast to everyone’s chrono.”

Chrono’s were the holographic-image rendering devices that were given to all citizens of the Union-Prime Station and Union-governed territories in the system. The chronos’ act as a multipurpose tool that allows citizens to interact with computing devices, communicate across the Union-Prime network, access funds, receive news — almost every asset of societal life was conducted through use of the Chrono. Darrius had just used his to hack into Union Primes server room and contiminate the system with a rogue broadcast message. They would be heard today.

Darren and Darrius scrambled away from the server room hall, trying to appear as normal as they could as they paced past teachers and fellow students; en route to the meetup point.

Darrius made sure they were in the clear and unobserved as Darren tapped the secret access code into his Chronos. With a hiss of pneumatics the wall revealed itself to be the door it really was.

Upon the twins arrival the room full of 4AE members buzzed with chatter and excitement.

“It’s in motion.” Darren began, “Thanks to Rose securing the sacred text our plan is a go.” He nodded in her direction as a thanks. “Now we wait for the signal.”

“Everyone know their egress routes?” Darrius asked. He was answered with a variety of approvals — head nods, “yes””s and fist pumps.

On cue all of their Chronos’ glowed to life and the rogue speech began to play aloud:

“To the professors, administration and student body of Union Prime University, to the Union Prime Station and descendant Union Territories, to the men and women of the entire cluster abroad; today our voices will be heard, today our place in this world will be known. Our history will be told, our present will be celebrated and our futures preserved! We are For All Eyes! We stand with our Amber-eyed brothers and sisters in their fight for justice and equality both on their home stations, abroad and planet-side. Union-Prime you hold council today on whether images of the Amber’s deity, D’Amber the Sacred Dark Angel, should be removed from all public spaces. Whether the uncomfortable feeling non-amber bigots have when in presence of her statues or monuments should outweigh their right to equal representation and freedoms of religious expression. It doesn’t. We will not be silenced. Now stay tuned, for the next seventy-two hours the words of D’Ambers own personal journal made biography will be played for the delight of you all. Rejoice. The Dark Angel’s words speak to us all:

The Journal of D’Amber Lyons. As translated and transcribed by author Meric Landon. Foreword written by Recording Artist Gary Cartwright.


“I still remember that day. The day I made a fateful, impulse decision. They say looking back is twenty-twenty, but they never tell you what you see isn’t always a great vision. It haunts me to this day, never leaving my conscious thought. Many reading this book may not be aware of my connection to the Dark Angel; alot of them have died on the battlefields of this war. We go back. Way back. Before she was the hero we know her as today, she was just a friend. A bandmate. One of the damndest drummers I’ve ever had the pleasure of singing alongside….”


As the audio book began to play many of the 4AE members gave the twins thumbs up, approving of the virus; they were unable to shut their Chronos power or audio off. That was good. Everyone was forced to listen. Attention was a guarantee.

“We must move now, he’s made it to the A/V server room…” Darren spoke up loudly pointing at the sole surveillance monitor. The group had discreetly setup a camera above the server room, so theyd know when the head security officer of the campus go there. It was they’re signal of mass exodus. They were over one-hundred and fifty strong in number of students; the council would not be able to ignore their presencse.

The group began to execute the egress plan–all one-hundred and fifty students leaving in a coordinated effort — so that every exit door alarm would blare simeoultaneously; they wanted the administration and security teams of the University to feel the protest just as much as they wanted the councilmen to.


Amidst the demonstration the Chronos of every Union-Prime citizen continued to play the autobiography of the Goddess:

“Part 1: The War. Chapter 1. The Dark Angel writes:

“It all started with the disease. Oh wait. I guess I should timestamp this first…uh…okay…its recording…so time is 2200 hour, it is July 19th, 2023. We are currently positioned in the northeast quadrant of the union states. I’ve gotta be here….ugggh….alot of the militairy leadership here thinks I’d be a top target of the resistors ever since I sided with their cause. Ehhmmmph…..but this first entry isn’t about now….I want to make sure the ‘back then’ is recorded…somewhere…I should point out that after everything started with the disease, the burning of publications was next. I couldn’t stop that. I was too busy saving the people who needed me. Many people were stranded from their countries leadership. At a total loss to what was happening. How contagious this thing is. I did what I could to help. Please excuse me for how this vlog is turning out, I’ve not ever done it. But….yeah….so…I thought I was the only person immune, until I came across the others. They have us all here, caged up in bunkers. Telling us we are humanities last hope…..I’m so mad they caught me. I was doing good work….”


“We have a right to come in!!” Darrius yelled at the government official blocking the door to the council hall meeting room.

“Get security down here…”, the man spoke into his Chrono, disregarding Darrius’s claim.

The 4AE group joined several other Amber eyed initiatives at the council hall demanding entrance. They donned signs, shirts displaying images of the ill-treated Amber’s and shouting mantras of justice.

The council had begun their hearing late; still unable to silence the Chronos devices, they were forced to hear the monolouge througout the hearing:

“Chapter 9. The Dark Angel writes:

“I had even asked before it became a serious problem: who the soldier was? He just kept pacing. We were hunkered behind the trench, the resistors had the high-ground. They had had us pinned down for three days at that point, so maybe he felt complacent. I still don’t know. The story I keep hearing is that the resistors radio towers were causing earaches in all our soldiers. Apparently the only reprise this man could find was in pacing back and forth. Long strory short. The enemy sniper found him a threat. I couldn’t take that. When you read about what happened in your history books out there, please know, they deserved it. They deserved all of it.”



The 4AE group celebrated in the council hall, ignoring all discretion.

“They denied it!!!! They denied the motion!!!” Rose screamed in exhaltation with Kora.

“Not only that, the commandos have to recruit Amber’s now!!!” Darrius exclaimed.

“Oh my goddess!!!” Kora exlaimed, “This is it…..”

The 4AE assisted in unvelieng the new statue that stood out front of the council building. There now stood a powerful representation of who the Dark Angel was; the diety was forever immortalized in bronze, holding her hand out to her immuno-compromised father figure. His name forgotten with time, but his impact everlasting to Amber fathers all over the galaxy.

The Chronos continued to tell her story:

“Chapter 17. The Dark Angel writes:

“I’m pregnant!!!! So thirty-three years into this thing we call life, I didn’t think it was possible. But here goes nothing….Me and Jaxson are so ready. He’s been going on about whether the child will have wings or super speed. Maybe both. That’ll be something….It’s so exciting. We will still have a lot of work to do. But I know with the new Union Council thats been put in place at least our son or daughter will grow up in a society based on equality and respect. One things for certain, she will have eyes like ours. They have named us the ascended, we all have these abilities; I’ve got wings and they look to me as the first, but I have nowhere near the power of the others. Even Jeremy is absolutely incredible. He has told me stories about sprinting fast enough to move a bullet away from its intended target. The future sounds amazing. To anyone who reads this, and to my future child, I envy you for the life you will live; it will be one of peace, of opportunity, of love. Those before us have failed, but we will stop at nothing to give you what you deserve….”

The Legend Continues, check out AMONG US III

Copyright © 2020 Kacy Gilbert (Writing as Remontz)

All rights reserved.

No part of this book/ebook/story may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written consent of the copyright owner; except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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