Men’s Mental Health Week

Like most males in similar circumstances to his own — oftentimes the writer finds himself contemplating the insignificance of himself. Given his mundane and rather mediocre existence that falls immeasurably short of all the expectations and youthful potentials he once owned, if his spontaneous extinction would be better fitting for all of those engaged in personally knowing the writer. Such things like the smoking lawnmower that he can’t begin to know how to analyze what could possibly be wrong with it and no way financially capable of replacing in the present moment — would it be best if it were to just explode while in use and take itself and the inept operator out along with it. Or instead what if the writers very wife who he fails on a daily basis, the very one he is not capable of fulfilling, the one who he is not worthy of being with were to just shoot him in the face and have ridden the earth of such a detestable being — would that not ease all angers and ills? How about one day at work he just keel over and choke on his own unspoken words…the very words that he can’t bring himself to write for fear of judgment. Or better yet how bout that same fear just end the torturous charade and go ahead and chop his head off or finally smash him into the insignificant bits it consistently reminds him that he already is….would that not be a better version of the writer. The no me that doesn’t fit here where he is, the one uncomfortable with his being, the one that cannot do anything right or find success in any endeavor, or successfully create happiness in his own other half — wouldn’t it be better if he was relieved of the duties he cannot fulfill…to just be a memory of better times instead of a constant reminder of anger and doubt. Of failure and distrust. Wouldn’t it be better….wouldn’t it….

Published by Remontz_X

I’m an amateur writer & storyteller. As of now I write short-stories, novel(s) and some pretty terrible poetry. The genres you will most likely see from me will range from science-fiction, fantasy, satire, sarcasm(humor) and just plain vanilla fiction. I intend to grow and show my progress in that growth. I am focused on honing the craft and developing an audience of readers. 👍🏾💯☄️

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