The best part about writing is really to educate yourself. I don’t want to be anybody’s expert. I came in to learn.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, NY Times.

Are you Ready to read your next favorite adventure? Here you’ll find the creative work of Kacy Gilbert, writing as Remontz. Weekly short stories that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation… My imagination is your playground! Give your mind the R&R it needs and explore what I have in the sandlot for you. Thank You for your time. I appreciate all comments, likes and criticism!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A new short story will be added weekly.

In addition poems and novels are on the way. 💯

Your a click away from a perspective shift with a side of curiosity twist. Sate your appetite and don’t tease your imagination by scrolling the home page 😀

Click on and view my latest short story below….


I’m an amateur writer so comments & criticism are welcome and appreciated. **Click the logo below to support me on WattPad 👍🏾**

Latest work

  • The Door (pt. I)
    …donning the same hoody he’d worn to the plant everyday since starting there six years ago, Lyle power walked past the security desk, through the front entrance and parking lot.  Muscle memory and determination propelled his car routine to near autonomy and he was off; pushing the six-speed four-cylinder to it’s brink as he merged onto the highway….
  • Lion and Bull
    A brief reflection on the moment I am currently eating. A bull and lion are trapped inside a ring. The ring is lined with food for the pair, meat and whatever bulls eat. Though they are both Apex’s, the lion feels no need to attack the bull without reason. The bull is intimidating in itsContinue reading “Lion and Bull”
  • Among Us VI
    …D’Amber’s wings jutted out through instinctive anticipation of a great force.  Almost quick enough to make her contemplate whether the disc had ever actually existed at all, the spinning oncomer sank into the sandy ocean.  She tensed against the moment of thought that said to lower her guard…

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