Men’s Mental Health Week

Like most males in similar circumstances to his own — oftentimes the writer finds himself contemplating the insignificance of himself. Given his mundane and rather mediocre existence that falls immeasurably short of all the expectations and youthful potentials he once owned, if his spontaneous extinction would be better fitting for all of those engaged inContinue reading “Men’s Mental Health Week”

Where are We?

The indecisive nature in which two people find themselves — which way they decide to turn is what gives meaning to the things they do and the words they use. Without knowing where they stand with one another or where the relationship is going, everything between is either lost or loss. Are we between theContinue reading “Where are We?”


A poem by Remontz Written to my Mother ❤️ Mother’s Day 2019 The day July 26, 1990…had to be Unimaginable Prolly couldn’t imagine becoming a Mother the next day. Prolly couldn’t imagine giving birth in that way. You prolly couldn’t imagine the new life you’d make. Prolly couldn’t imagine any of my traits. Prolly couldn’tContinue reading “(Un)imaginable”