Shadow of Courage || Preface

by Remontz

“Archers!!!” the Knight announced the orders that would begin the determining battle of this campaign. “Nock!!!” This battle would be different though, the training wheels were off, he was no longer interim Brigadier Commander Calin, he was Brigadier Commander Calin. “Draw!!!!!” How many times had he reacted to the Commanders elite Archer unit kicking off battles? That was his elite bunch of marksman now, and it was he who would lead them to victory, “LOOSE!!!!!”. The Knight knew the enemy well, his forces had been pushing the Orc Cavalry Regiment into retreat for the past 3 months; however, it was important to not allow their retreat to draw them into a trap. As a final order before stepping down, the Knights predecessor — through the work of the Brigades most skilled scout platoon, ‘The Shadows’ — was able to pass on the reigns to the Brigade as well as the information they needed to unleash a full onslaught with confidence that the Orcs did not have any reinforcements coming. The nearest Orc allies were a days march east, in the Orc seized township of Halfensteid; far enough away to warrant this final attack to take out Orc Commander Lerriz. Lerriz has had his troops hunkered down in this valley for about a week trying to buy time for reinforcements, his time was up. Today was the day.

       Lerriz was protected on three sides of the terrain, housed one of the Orc Armies most formidable Trebuchet units and the Cavalry soldiers rode on the most aggressive beast the Knight had ever encountered — Orcs called them snyrpinns.  They were six-legged reptilian like creatures, some had spiked tails, others attacked with stingers, ever lethal still were their beaked mouths with double-rowed razor sharp teeth.

     However, a well timed Arrow to the eyes or a brave foot soldiers sword underneath their armor was enough to bring the beast down. This battle would be costly, there was no avoiding that fact.  But it was now or never; defeating Lerriz in his first battle as Brigade Commander before returning to the Capitol would be a tremendous victory for the whole of the war.  It would undoubtedly destabilize the Orcs plan to secure supply routes throughout the region.

      “Onward!!” The Knight commanded his soldiers — both Arrow and Darkhorse Battalions were riding with him behind the hail of arrows towards the enemy encampment.  The Trebuchet response was imminent, expected and devastating.

The first impact crushed a heavy steed and rider, debris downing all riders in short vicinity as well. The enemy Orcs were not far behind the projectiles. The two armies met in a violent crash of armour; bodies flew from spiked tails, headless Orc bodies dropped to the ground before the blood knew to spill, men shouted in agony as friendly fire from the Archer unit caught them instead of the enemy. The Knight witnessed the first of his casualties just like that, seconds into the fight. “Sound the first of the horns!!” He called on Cobra Battalion to make its move sooner than planned. At the sound he looked ahead and saw the cascade of liquid fire descending onto the Orc camp from the tallest peak of the valley.

     The Orcs panicked.  Stricken with complete confusion they stampeded from the sticky flames as their post began to burn.  

     “HORNS!!!!” The Commander yelled out.

The second sound-off signaled the remainder of Arrow and Bandog troopz to complete the highly orchestrated ambush. The archers readied and fired rope attached arrows to various points in the flame engulfed Orc Camp. The Bandog men donned those ropes, and rode into the camp; brave men willing to sacrifice chainmail and plate armor for the defense of surprise. The Bandogs landed on the camp with malicious intent, immediately slashing through the confused Orc soldiers. Their goal was met swiftly. “Sound the drums!!”

Published by Remontz_X

I’m an amateur writer & storyteller. As of now I write short-stories, novel(s) and some pretty terrible poetry. The genres you will most likely see from me will range from science-fiction, fantasy, satire, sarcasm(humor) and just plain vanilla fiction. I intend to grow and show my progress in that growth. I am focused on honing the craft and developing an audience of readers. 👍🏾💯☄️

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